Everyone deserves to have a great car buying experience

Our customer list is not just a list, but a collection of friends and long-term relationships that we strive to keep for years to come.

Over 90% of our customers are referrals and repeat business and here's what they say:

...They really saved my time, effort, and money
— Jacob R, San Jose
… Very committed… patiently answered all our questions in the weeks following the purchase and even offered a free wheel balancing when we thought that the car might need one.
— Allison H, San Francisco
…Very personal, stress-free and professional
— Allen W, San Rafael
Personal Car Shopper is a pure win-win model, which takes the stress completely out of the process and get you a great car in a great price.
— Akash G, Sacramento

Rated #1 by the people who matter most: our customers.